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Number One Baby Photographer in 2024


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Number One Baby Photographer in 2024

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Winning photos

This mom is already expecting her fourth child. They are such a lovely family. All the children participated really well and the little princess was simply adorable. I'm really looking forward to the newborn shoot.

96th Collection

How happy I was to have these two wonderful children in my photo studio. The baby's mom wanted a few sets in mint green. The big sister was simply stunning by the photo shoot. My outfit suited her so well. The baby slept through the entire photo session and so I was able to take many great photos for the parents.

92nd Collection

This beautiful little boy slept through the whole newborn shoot. It was so nice to position him. Fluffy baby with a smile on his face. When photographing babies, I exclusively use daylight.

83rd Collection

Bath shoot for the first birthday is becoming more and more popular with my clients lately. I always use fresh flowers or fruit. I love these photo shoots where I can create different sets for my little clients.

82nd Collection

I have known this lovely family for several years. I was honored to take pictures of their first son, perpetuate the pregnancy of this beautiful mother and share with them the joy of the birth of the second son. There is nothing more beautiful than welcoming regular customers in my photo studio and experiencing their great life moments with them.

71st Collection

This little girl was so golden, she slept so beautifully all the time that I managed to take so many beautiful photos. Her big proud brother was also amazing. Working with him was so easy. I really enjoyed the whole photoshoot and was able to present me new props and outfits.

58th Collection

This beautiful family wanted something special, a portrait that will be watched every day, a portrait that will decorate their house. I photographed all four people separately and then created one picture in photoshop. My intention was to capture the same light and shadows in all four shapes. I'm glad I made the next family happy. These are memories for many generations.

53rd Collection

This pregnant beautiful woman followed me to the photo studio a long distance. I was honored to have chosen me to capture these precious moments. she had so many great ideas for photography. Together we were able to create amazing pictures. She was so photogenic and natural as a professional model.

50th Collection

It was an exceptional day. I was looking forward to. A large family should have arrived, including a grandparent. They were all so fabulous. Kids love this shooting in the box. I'll never forget how that one girl said goodbye to me and wouldn't let go. I had tears in my eyes. My customers become part of my life and it makes me the way I am.

49th Collection

How proud is the little fur nose of the baby!
She assisted me with the whole photoshoot and took care of the little one. So lovely photos were taken.
If a family, then completely. I love to include four-legged family members in my photos.

48th Collection

This little girl's mom brought for her newborn session so cute fawn outfit, so I had to create for her something special. Spring has already come to Austria which was an opportunity to take advantage of it. I love this atmosphere in the photo!

47th Collection

This little adorable princess celebrated her 1st birthday. She came to my new photo studio for her foto session. Her mom wanted one set in these pretty colors with bokeh and I was very happy to create it for her. It has always been one of my favorite parts. This small lovely lady needed a little bit of time for warming up in the beginning :-) but then... she was so sweet with her rainbow tutu.

43rd Collection

What a beautiful family and what a pity, you can see only their feet. This family came to me for a newbornshooting and I wanted to take some photos with their two dogs, too. The mother of the baby had a special wish and I wanted it to be realized.
This is a composing picture from four photos. I'm so happy that the jury liked it. Thank you so much! It is a pleasure for me.

38th Collection

This adorable little boys photo was taken in my home studio and this carismatic little boy really enjoyned his session in the warm water. That smiling face truly stole my heart. I absolutely love taking photos of babies and children.

37th Collection