Sonja Strametz




🇦🇹 Austria

With us

1 year

Studio Name

Sonja Strametz Fotografie

I'm Sonja, 35 years old and live in the beautiful south of Austria. My passion is Portrait and maternity photography. Capture moments not things. Let's create something great together!

Winning photos

Spring vibes are also possible for studio sessions.

96th Collection

Little Princess with her Minnie Mouse.

96th Collection

Pure. Strong. Sensual.
Love this kind of sessions.

95th Collection

Candy Girl. The glow in her eyes whem she saw the big lolly. So sweet.

94th Collection

Mommy & Daughter.

94th Collection

Love this colors so much.

93rd Collection

Sparkling presents while waiting for Christmas.

93rd Collection

Pretty little girl, waiting for christmas.

92nd Collection

The colours of this place were absolutely amazing.

91st Collection

Cuteness overload with this little baby boy at his first photoshoot.

91st Collection

This special bond between mother and daughter. This Love is amazing.

91st Collection

Beautiful sunset between flowers. So happy if I find such great places for my photoshoots.

88th Collection

Childhood memories.

If two photo addicted mom's meet for a photoshoot and the girls wan't to do the same. Absolutely amazing how gorgeous they are.

85th Collection

Spring is my favorite time of the year. There is no more magic to see the nature waking up after the long and cold winter. The perfect light for such beautiful pictures.

84th Collection