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Dina Mir

Hello! My name is Dina and I am located in Montreal.
I specialize in ART photography. Maternity, Children, Family and Portraits.
Photography for me is not only a pleasant job, but also my hobby. All my thoughts and ideas about it. I am constantly improving my skills, looking for new locations for photography , updating the wardrobe for clients, buying beautiful decorations. I work in a studio, outdoors, at clients' homes, travel to other countries. If you have interesting ideas, if you love art photography and if you like my style, then write to me. I am always glad to my new clients) Let's create
Unforgettable and wonderful memories together!

Winning photos

Magic New Year's Eve. Make your beautiful, kind, bright wish on New Year's Eve and it will surely come true. Truth speaks through children's lips.

Collection 81

The eyes are the mirror of our soul. Looking into them you can see and read a lot. Children's eyes are truthful, they never lie. They are bright and pure, like their souls.

Collection 81

How wonderful it is when our children have a beloved house friend. Cat or dog, parrot or turtle, rabbit or fish. It does not matter. The important thing is that by taking care of someone small and defenseless, you show the best qualities of your soul)

Collection 81

I dedicate songs to you my baby. We are waiting for you, you are our miracle. You chose us, thank you for your love and trust. We will try to give you what your soul came to this earth for.

Collection 80

The smell of lilacs in the garden, the beauty around. And you, in an airy sun-colored dress, are waiting for the appearance of a small miracle. It lives in you, you feel his heart rhythm. A little more time will pass and you will see each other.

Collection 80

The breath of spring, the scent of flowers, the warm rays of the sun and you are full of happiness..) The photo was taken in nature

Collection 80

My young client at the sunflower farm. Look at her. She is like the sun. Bright and cheerful))) She looks at the flowers, mom, dad and enjoys a beautiful summer day)

Collection 79

Mother with daughter. This is our 5th photo session together. I am very happy for clients who appreciate the photos and photo session. This is a memory and it will delight more than one generation.

Collection 79

I took this photo of little Olivia this year. on a sunflower farm. I bought an old camera in another country, and I bought a teddy bear in Village des Valeurs. I really like to use old things that have their own history.

Collection 79