Dina Mir




🇨🇦 Canada

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Tashkent (Uzbekistan)


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29 awards left until the Master of Photography

4th place in Canada

39th place in Uzbekistan

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Dina Mir

Hello! My name is Dina. I am located in Montreal.
I specialize in ART photography. Maternity, Children, Family and Portraits.
Photography for me is not only a pleasant job, but also my hobby. All my thoughts and ideas about it. I am constantly improving my skills, looking for new locations for photography , updating the wardrobe for clients, buying beautiful decorations. I work in a studio, outdoors, at clients' homes, travel to other countries. If you have interesting ideas, if you love art photography and if you like my style, then write to me. I am always glad to my new clients) Let's create
Unforgettable and wonderful memories together!

Winning photos

Take an interesting book with you on a long, long trip. It will make it more interesting and help pass the evening time when it’s already dark outside)

96th Collection

Portrait of a girl with an apple.

96th Collection

Let our children always be under the protection of the forces of light!

95th Collection

Winter's Tale. Portrait of a girl with deer

94th Collection

Autumn pleases us with the bright colors. In the autumn mood, I want to make pumpkin soup, drink cinnamon-flavored coffee, collect a bouquet of colorful leaves, take a walk in the rain and feel a little nostalgic)

91st Collection

Childhood is a wonderful time) Summer charges you with energy, and flowers give you a great mood) Let's enjoy life every day and give a smile to every person!))

89th Collection

Every girl should have a mystery. Stay tender like a flower and refreshing like a breath of water and air after rain

88th Collection

My beautiful little sakura. Always bloom and be fragrant like a magic flower.

88th Collection

I love summer, I love flowers, I love hats and pink-lilac colors))

87th Collection

Childhood should be bright and beautiful. Olivia hides under an umbrella from the hot summer of 2022

87th Collection

There is a lot of light and heat in the fields with sunflowers.
These sunny flowers bring joy and a wonderful summer mood.

85th Collection

I love the smell of apples. And I love the taste of them. I will collect a basket and treat my friends again

84th Collection

To the sound of a guitar, I will sing a song to you. I will fill it with love and light so that flowers bloom around

84th Collection

I hid my gift to you in my palms. I'll look into your eyes and give it to you. It's a stone in the shape of a heart. I made it myself to make you smile, my mum.

83rd Collection

We all love carousels, as children. Beautiful horses quickly carry us. We laugh and wave our hands.
-"Mom, dad, look at me. "
What could be more beautiful than a smiling child

83rd Collection

Portrait with beads. I love different beads, colored blue, red. I will string them on a thread, collect them by color. May my mother's eyes and soul rejoice.

83rd Collection