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Number One Baby Photographer in 2024


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Number One Baby Photographer in 2024

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4 years

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Anna Alexander Photography

I'm a professional newborn photographer in Vancouver. Specializing in newborn, maternity, baby and family photography. Being a mother myself I celebrate new lives and capture the most amazing magical moments for any family. I'm inspired by the connection, the emotion and love.

Winning photos

I don't normally use lots of props during my sessions but when I do I carefully select the ones that represent my minimalistic style. This heart is my favourite prop to add cuteness and meaningfulness to the images.

74th Collection

The connection between a mother and a child is unique, beautiful and one of a kind. These are my favorite images to capture! So much love, gentleness, and wisdom in it.

74th Collection

There is nothing like a mother and a baby connection. It inspires me the most and is sure my favourite thing to photograph. It's timeless and universal for every culture.

73rd Collection

Curly and sweet newborn poses are forever my favourite! They last only first couple of weeks and are amazing to capture. Beauty in simplicity.

73rd Collection

Capturing siblings is always fun! It's often challenging but totally worth it. There is nothing more precious than to see all your kids in one picture.

69th Collection

Dad's and his boy connection. One of a kind. For a lifetime. Just the love. I can already imagine all the fun they'll have together.

65th Collection

Newborns are growing and I love to capture every following stage. The boy and the truck for this one. Perfect combo. This truck was hand-made using my design.

65th Collection

The cute baby boy was bundled up and so cozy. This simple but elegant heart prop speaks for itself and compliments the newborn portrait so nicely.

63rd Collection

There is nothing cuter than a baby's smile. I love when I manage to capture it. And nice props make it twice the fun. Little toys and knitted hats add interest and compliment the baby.

62nd Collection

There is nothing cuter than babies in bunny hats. Here I combined the cute little things and a heart bowl to create a beautiful portrait of a baby.

61st Collection

I had the privilege to see this baby boy growing every year. Amazing to see how he has changed starting from his newborn session. But something remains the same. His unbelievable eyes and look. Perfect model. :)

52nd Collection

I have a thing for babies and toys. It's like double cuteness. :) My other passion is neutral colors. This monochrome setup worked beautifully and complemented the sweet baby. The little girl was cozy and comfortable holding her teddy bear. And her mama was in love with this image.

51st Collection