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🇨🇦 Canada

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Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac (Canada)

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4 years

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tia photography

My name is Tatiana, and I am a portrait, newborn maternity and wedding photographer based in Montreal.
"I have always loved capturing the beauty and emotions of people in different stages of life. Whether it's a glowing mother-to-be, a happy couple on their wedding day, or a family celebrating a milestone, I feel honoured to be part of their stories".

Winning photos

Whenever new ideas pop into my head I always have my family with me! Here is a picture of my beloved godson who will be one year old at the end of May! A very sweet boy.

96th Collection

My dear son Alexander! He is the joy of my soul! The one who gives me energy and motivation to be the best being an example for them! He loves to pose and does it quite well!

92nd Collection

Lia & Alexander is the meaning of our life! I am extremely grateful to God that we have such a blessing as our children! They both love photography and being photographed!

91st Collection

Outdoor photo sessions are the most spectacular and amazing being doing them at sunset time! Celebrating the first birthday of beautiful Thea was the best place to make her feel great!

89th Collection

I love this artwork! As a photographer, this is the one I love to represent me! All in this picture much with what I love about sunset outdoor photography :) Light, colours, emotion, composition.

89th Collection

Moldova is my townhouse! Every time we visit our family our kids are happy seeing their cousins! They hold a special place in our hearts. And for this reason, I keep taking a few beautiful photos to make memories of them.

88th Collection

Our sweet Delia! Who always acts like an artist! Full of emotions who love the attention and being in front of the camera.
I really like the topic related to bees. That's why in the future I will develop more decorations.

87th Collection

A beautiful mom-to-be! They were open to all my challenges :) The location of our field took us 400 km round trip for this contract that Alexandrina wanted to do on this tulip field! :)

86th Collection

Look at her! I adore this picture! Mom & daughter.

85th Collection

It was so easy to make her smile. Nicoleta has an adorable smile. I love using this colour combination of baby blue & white, which makes this picture so epic!

85th Collection

Since birth, it's been our most powerful relationship between Mom & you!
I cherish this moment and I love catching them in the pictures.
By the way, this is my sweet goddaughter! Love you Nicoleta!

84th Collection

October… this month is special about taking outdoor photos. Beautiful mom to be for second time. Lovely mood and pastels treatment of automne colours.

79th Collection

I’m in love with the emotions I caught! I’m so grateful for the value that this beautiful family looking for! They told me: - We are happily collecting the memories doing professional pictures. ❤️ Big thank you for that V&K...

79th Collection

The image is so refined. It's one of my favorites from summer 2022! Seeing this small row of yellow flowers from a previous session! I know exactly what I will do at the next photo session and the color of the dress was chosen intentionally. So it works well for me to visualize the result in your head.

76th Collection

Love this one! The connection that we have between us and our child is special! Personally I'm the one who love catching those moment

73rd Collection

As a photographer we are always looking for the places where we can plan our photo session.  So I was happy to find the Maison Tela who propose at our service multiples studios with different decorations! So the maternity is going well in this one Sallon Studio!

72nd Collection

I can not describe this friendship between them than taking the pictures of them two, when they are playing together or give each other a hug! I am grateful to see this love to my pictures! Hope they will support in other throughout life!

72nd Collection

This is the moment when one of my friends is living her happy moment ! I associate the sunflowers field with her smile and light energy.

71st Collection

My best model :) Happiness...
Childhood carelessness...
To emphasize all this emotion in my images the Black & White it a perfect way.

65th Collection