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Here is Elodie a beautiful autistic little girl. She is not at her first visit to my studio but every time she surprises me this photo speaks for itself

84th Collection

This is the first time I photographed this beautiful, shy little girl, but she knew how to give me the best for this beautiful photo.

84th Collection

I have known these two little sisters since their first day. they love coming to the studio. the pleasure of seeing them naturally play together on the swing. I think this picture tells a story

80th Collection

this beautiful mom came to see me for the first time to immortalize her pregnancy. it was an immediate hit. the light is completely natural in this photo

80th Collection

This two-year-old girl with Bella her horse on a walk in the’s always time for lovely A future cowgirl ready for any adventure.

54th Collection

I take a picture of her cousin when she started running in the wheat fields as if she were alone in the world a magical and perfect moment.

52nd Collection

The little leïa was so shy and so cute she came with her grandma! Was a beautiful afternoon around 5 o’clock. Natural light, Old pink dress, and beautiful sweet hart!

50th Collection

July is the lavender month! I love going there with a little princess. The golden hour is my favorite time of the day!
This little princess has lavender for her mom!

40th Collection

I love the vintage style ...
this little girl with her horse lost in the meadow in quebec has as her only friend her pony to whom she can tell everything

39th Collection