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Raphaëlle was waving Santa and his deers on Christmas.

92nd Collection

The beautiful Ève came with her rescue dog. She took a long walk in the forest to send her Christmas list to Santa!

92nd Collection

Logan plays for me in front of the camera. I know him since few years now and he was perfect for this photo shoot.

92nd Collection

I fell in love when I took this photo at a wedding. I seem to have seen the dream of a little girl in her eyes to say that one day I will be this princess too

89th Collection

When I took this picture of this beautiful mom I had chills everything was so perfect for me this photo breathes the sweetness of what motherhood is all about

88th Collection

Zoé she was walking like a princess in the middle of appel tree she was playing so nicely with this dress i love everything on that picture

87th Collection

She was so natural, Since she's born every year they do family shoot so it was so easy and completely natural

87th Collection

Here is Elodie a beautiful autistic little girl. She is not at her first visit to my studio but every time she surprises me this photo speaks for itself

84th Collection

This is the first time I photographed this beautiful, shy little girl, but she knew how to give me the best for this beautiful photo.

84th Collection

I have known these two little sisters since their first day. they love coming to the studio. the pleasure of seeing them naturally play together on the swing. I think this picture tells a story

80th Collection