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Claudia Gehring Fotografie

Hello! I have been a passionate baby photographer for almost 10 years. I've been taking photos all my life. Photography has always fascinated me. It makes me happy and proud that my work is so appreciated by my dear customers. I am a mother of two adorable children and married to the best man in the world.

Winning photos

So much love in one picture. During this photo shoot, I really felt the love and security of the two in every picture. Now her little princess is already in the world and makes her family complete.

85th Collection

These two big proud brothers are very happy that their little sister is finally born. The little princess is very lucky because she has two such great protectors.

85th Collection

See the world through children's eyes. As a child, the world is still fine. Children see magic in every moment. Thank you for this award. I am already looking forward to the warm days with many beautiful outdoor shootings.

82nd Collection

New Year New luck. Thank you for the award. I'm looking forward to it again when it will soon be warmer again and you can create such wonderful memories outside.

81st Collection

Beautiful and magical. That's exactly how I would describe this picture. This enchanting girl impressed me and for this reason I already knew during the shooting that this picture is something special.

80th Collection

Thank you for the award. I am very pleased that I was able to convince in December as well, since it is the last award for this year. I love capturing beautiful moments that last forever. Beautiful Christmas time

80th Collection

This pretty girl enchanted me at the shoot. She did such a great job and loves to be photographed. She is just beautiful. She will definitely be really proud when she hears about this award.

79th Collection

A baby belly shoot in the great outdoors is always something special. No matter what time of year. I love this picture. Now my little niece is already born.

78th Collection

As soon as I took the picture of these two sweet children, I knew that this picture was something special and deserved an award. Thanks so much

77th Collection

That was a wonderful baby bump shoot at Sch├Âckl. It's very special as I'm going to be an aunt again. I'm looking forward to the little mouse.

75th Collection

I love such pictures with this magical mood. She is a beautiful pregnant woman with a happy demeanor. I love these summery outdoor shoots.

74th Collection

Finally summer. The anticipation of the baby and the beautiful light make the picture perfect. Thank you for this special award!

73rd Collection

Thank you for this award! I especially like outdoor pregnancy shoots. I already miss the cornfields. She is a beautiful mom to be.

66th Collection

This little girl had so much fun doing the outdoor shoot. She always discovered new things. It is really a nice feeling when the children shine with joy in front of the camera. Thank you for this special award.

65th Collection

Thanks very much! I already knew during the shoot that this was a very special one. Everything was fine. The beautiful mom, the perfect light and this special atmosphere. Thank you that I was able to convince you with this picture.

64th Collection

These three lovely siblings are just adorable. I was allowed to do the newborn shoot for all three children. It makes me very proud when my parents have such confidence in me and appreciate my work so much.

63rd Collection

Such great news. I was able to convince the jury again with a picture. It's a great honor for me. I'm really happy about every single award.

62nd Collection

Beautiful mom with her adorable children. You can see here exactly how happy they are. I am very happy that this expressive picture has received an award. Many Thanks!

61st Collection

Unique moments for eternity. That's why I love my job. I can create memories like this for my customers. Love and security describe this picture.

60th Collection

Thank you very much for this special award. I think this picture is very beautiful and that's why I wanted to submit it. It makes me very proud that this picture convinced you.

59th Collection