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My name is Mila Boekestyn, I specialize in Maternity, Newborn, Children and Family photography, serving Airdrie, Calgary and surrounding areas in beautiful Alberta, Canada. Since opening my business in 2014, I have been continuously improving and perfecting my skill set with training from world renowned photographers. I have extensive experience handling newborns and babies of any age so you can have every confidence that your little one will be happy and safe with me during our session. My business is fully licensed and insured. I photograph with natural lighting as well as studio lighting. I offer a variety of quality props and backdrops to choose from. I promise your session will be a wonderful and satisfying experience.

Winning photos

This sweet little baby boy had the LONGEST eyelashes I have ever seen! And look at his adorable pout - I just wanted to take him home, but his older brother said “no”, so I had to leave him

Collection 80

This baby girl was so good to me, she slept the entire time and didn’t mind me posing her in all different props and setups, I am so glad I remembered to take this profile photo, I am very pleased how it turned out!

Collection 78

Disclaimer: this photo is a composite of 2 other photos, the baby was held at all times.

After several props and family and siblings poses, this sweet little boy was so tired, that he almost posed himself in that pose. I love how this photo has turned out.

Collection 72

Beautiful family of 5 - now they have a little baby boy to love and cherish forever. The sisters were so cooperative and happy to take photos with their little brother. This family is full of love and it shows!

Collection 69

When the parents have asked me if we can include their German Shepard in the photo - I was excited, but when they have mentioned that they have a tuxedo for the dog - I got even more excited! Nothing is scary in this world when you have a furry brother like that! “Beauty and the Beast” at its best!

Collection 61

Absolutely love how this shot has turned out - baby boy wrapped and posed on a flokati and is it just me or does he look like a little Hershey kiss chocolate? So yummy!

Collection 56

“Haha, she thinks that I will start counting sheep and will fall asleep, silly photographer,” thought baby A. to himself while looking around with eyes wide open".

Collection 55

My cake smash sessions all include a bubble bath photos at the very end, with this little guy - we were late to take his 1st-year photos because of COVID... so we did a milestone session as soon as we could, and of course, I have included a bubble bath shot at the very end :-)

Collection 53

In Canada, Alberta we have beautiful Canola fields in July and as you drive by the countryside - all you see are fields and fields of beautiful yellow flowers. What can be better than 3 sweet sisters on a dirt road surrounded by Canola field flowers and a sunset? This photo was inspired by my friend's @HocusFocusPhotography portrait of her daughters she took a few years back. Check out her work - she is amazing!

Collection 52

This gorgeous image of a beautiful 10-day old baby girl will be printed BIG and will be hanging in her nursery - that is HOW MUCH her parents loved this shot and the nursery is decorated in a bunny/rabbit theme - so this will be an amazing addition. I am an on-location photographer and always bring with me a few little plush toys to photograph with my newborn clients. As soon as I have realized that her nursery is decorated with bunnies and Easter is around the corner - this set up was created!

Collection 48

I have been photographing these 2 bunnies since they were born and this was their "Sitter" milestone session, where they were almost 9 months old. The twins although identical, have very different personalities and it is so much fun to see them grow. This specific image was a composite of 2 images of each individual sister separately as sometimes it is hard with twins to get them awake and happy at the same time - so when one was napping I was taking pictures of the other one.

Collection 45

This beautiful little girl was a pleasure to photograph, she slept through the entire photoshoot. Her dad picked out this outfit for this set up and I absolutely love the final image that we were able to achieve!

Collection 43

I call this photo "Peekaboo". This pose is one of my favourites - it is simple, easy to pose and the result is always amazing. Also, it helps having such a beautiful little girl who was born with a head full of hair as a little model.

Collection 40