Jennifer Rath




🇦🇹 Austria

With us

10 months

Studio Name

Jennifer Rath, Fotografin

Winning photos

I love this style for children portraits

90th Collection

When I found out that this girl is a passionate violin player, I had to incinerate her with her violin.

90th Collection

An adorable mommy to beat beautiful sunset

90th Collection

Fine Art Babybelly ❤️

89th Collection

Capturing the beauty of motherhood with a touch of elegance!

88th Collection

Bath shooting with toddlers is a real fun

88th Collection

Mommy to be <3

I found this great flower meadow and bought a new dress, spontaneously I looked for a pregnant woman for a shooting and this beautiful mommy to be called me. I am so happy with this picture.

86th Collection

Fruit bath shooting with this little girl.

86th Collection

Fine Art Portrait

86th Collection

Künstlerisch, einzigartig und etwas ganz Besonderes - Fine Art Kinderportraits!

85th Collection

Ich liebe solche Fine Art Portraits von den Kindern. Das Mädchen wirkt so zauberhaft wie eine Puppe. <3

85th Collection

Mommy and Me

The most beautiful relationship is between a mother and her daughter ❤️ These adorable images are one of a kind and show the incredible bond of these two women.

83rd Collection