Thomas Grasböck



Micheldorf in Oberösterreich

🇦🇹 Austria

Minimum price/hours

200$ per hour


With us

5 months

Studio Name

Flüsterlicht Fotografie

Winning photos

We love matched coulors.

98th Collection

This Little Man have a good Day😁

98th Collection

We love such sets, very little decoration and the baby in focus

97th Collection

mother and daughter, a very special bond

97th Collection

little baby feet♥️ so sweet

97th Collection

sooo sweet, this little Crinch

96th Collection

The big sister is very proud of her little sister. the two of them are so cute

96th Collection

Look at how sweet little Malea sleeps with her first doll. It was a pleasure to photograph the little darling.

95th Collection

Milkbath photoshoots are the most aesthetically pleasing form of maternity photography for us.

94th Collection

This sweet little dwarf makes the picture something truly special.

94th Collection