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Fotostudio Wedermann

Hello, my name is Michael Wedermann. Photographing portraits has always been my passion. For 26 years I was employed in the photo studio that I will be able to take over from 2019.

Over the years I've been able to gain a lot of experience, I enjoy working with people and they notice that when they come to my studio. My customers appreciate the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere during the shoot and the excellent photos that are taken.

Winning photos

The arrow points up even when the world is upside down from time to time.

84th Collection

The happiness she radiates feels like the flapping of a butterfly's wings

78th Collection

Life is different every day but always full of wonders!!! We look forward to the children's laughter and their little hands that do a lot of nonsense, to their little feet that scurry around happily and to little eyes that sparkle with curiosity.

77th Collection

The peace and harmony during this shoot, are reflected in this photo, only a slight Wind roams through the picture and brings some movement in the hair of the expectant mom.

70th Collection