Ola Duminuco




đŸ‡¨đŸ‡¦ Canada

Minimum price/hours

300$ per hour | 1 hour minimum



2 awards left until the Senior Member

6th place in Canada

With us

10 months

Studio Name

Ola Duminuco Photography

Ola Duminuco is an internationally published fine art, family, maternity, and baby photographer specializing in transforming digital memories into luxurious wall art and personalized albums. She has been a photographer for over five years and has photographed hundreds of families, expecting mothers, and newlyborn babies.

Through her mentoring sessions, she's sharing her photography know-how with other photographers all around Canada. Her work has graced the pages of international magazines such as Can Kids, Marika, Elegant, Top Posters, and Arttells, and she has been recognized with international awards.

Winning photos

Exploring outdoors on a snowy day.

96th Collection

Elegant and graceful mom to be.

96th Collection

Storytime with Santa is truly magical.

92nd Collection

Beauty of maternity.

91st Collection

Reading with Santa

90th Collection

The most beautiful time in her life - becoming a mom

90th Collection

In the Embrace of Softness - A Mother's Love Unveiled, Wrapped in the Gentle Caress of Cotton, Nourishing Her Precious One

89th Collection

A family united in every step, holding hands and sharing smiles as they walk together.

88th Collection