Congratulations to the winners of the Fifty-Third Collection!

54 COLLECTION IS October 10, 2020

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Baby Photo Awards is a website where professional photographers can share their best children and maternity photoshoots. The most creative photography artists from all over the world submit their works to contest with colleagues for the highest places in the rating list. We carefully choose the very best photographs and display them in our virtual collection. 

Only the authors of the most picturesque and unique photographs are honored with Baby Photo Awards. At the end of the year, people who won the biggest quantity of awards enter the annual list of TOP baby photographers in the world. 

Baby Photo Awards is a great place for parents who are looking for a baby photographer. Do you want to capture the very first moments of your child’s life? Use our website to browse galleries of the best professionals in your region and contact them via telephone or social networks!

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Key dates
  • July 11 — August 10 Submission for 52 collection
  • August 11 — September 10 Submission for 53 collection
  • September 11 — October 10 Submission for 54 collection
  • October 11 — November 10 Submission for 55 collection
  • November 11 — December 10 Submission for 56 collection
  • December 11 — January 10 Submission for 57 collection
  • January 11 — February 10 Submission for 58 collection
  • February 11 — March 10 Submission for 59 collection
  • March 11 — April 10 Submission for 60 collection
Summing up
  • April 2021 Publishing the results
Total stats
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  • Last Collection
№1 Photographer of 2020 Jolia Stern
59 countries presented
3587 photographers total
9.97% of all images selected
TOP 5 countries
TOP 3 photographers of 2021
53 collection Published: 15 September 2020
27 countries
110 photos selected
TOP 5 countries
  • Israel
  • Netherlands
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Canada
TOP10 Photographers of the Year receive Babyphotoawards trophies
Baby photo awards

Anita Besselsen
Barneveld (Netherlands)
Sima Lipovetsky
Nazareth (Israel)
September 2020
new members
Cindy Devijver
Essen (Belgium)
Hamoneau Morgane
Cahors (France)
Karolina Newborn Photographer
Ródos (Greece)
Fieke Van Schoten
Almere Stad (Netherlands)
Helen Navajas
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Bianca Wist
Stade (Germany)
Lara Bommartini
Enschede (Netherlands)
Julia Sikira
Kassel (Germany)
Nicole Traubenek
Ehingen (Germany)
Freya Mertens Boese
Salzkotten (Germany)
Mayara Coutinho Coelho
New York City (United States)
Anja Devolder
Brugge (Belgium)